CHASSIS: In case of electricity, you can give motion to the platform manually, you can lower the platform to the floor safely.

TOWER: They are the high strength meshworks which have racks on them. You can connect to the building with the distance of6- 8 meter by using expansion bolts. Towers are the vertical columns on which the motor - reductor set can move.

MOTOR-REDUCTOR: Ascent and descent of the platform is provided by the motor which works with 220-380 volt. It has magnetics braking system. As long as the platform stable, the braking system can continually work. Double column system has "automatic balance system" and "level keys".

PLATFORMS: It has 120 cm width. When neccessary, It is possible to lengthen up to 90 cm. There is a toeboard which has 20 cm height around the working platform. There are 120 cm safety rails to provide safety while working.

THE DIMENSIONS OF THE SINGLE, DOUBLE COLUMN MAST CLIMBING WORK PLATFORM: It has a maximum strength and safety with the 1700 kg loading capacity. Reaching up and down to the working area is provided easily and fastly by electronic floorselection system. Elements are protected against corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing. It can be assembled both to the exterior of the buildings and to the elevator shafts. Elevator type work platform can be raised if the building heightens.

Technical Properties


Technical Properties