The cuplock type scaffolding system is a very flexible slab formwork system which provides suitable solutions for all kinds of slab floors.System features: very little space is necessary for stocking, system consists of a few components, easy to assemble, solution for level difference is very easy, four horizontal elements are fixed at a single point along the vertical element, it is possible to assemble a stair tower with the same elements, it provides suitable solutions for all kinds of slabs, it has high load bearing capacity.

Locking kits are welded on the vertical elements with an interval of 50 cm or 100 cm. It offers you an economical and a practical solutions for the projects which have level difference at the ground or at the deck.

A locking kit consists of bottom and top cups. The bottom cup is welded to the vertical element. On the other hand the upper cup is moveable along the vertical element, however separating the upper cup from the vertical element is restricted. The heads which are placed on both ends of the horizontal elements are fixed between the cups along the vertical elements. With the help of a hammer, the upper cup is rotated in the clockwise direction and the head of the horizontal element is squeezed rigidly between the upper and lower cups.

You can use cuplock scaffolding system as service scaffolding or stair tower scaffolding system in your construction site.

Cuplock type heavy load scaffolding system can be used under heavy loads securely as culvert loads. It can be used as mobile tower formwork by assembling wheels under the vertical elements.


Technical Properties

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