Table type heavy load scaffolding system can be adjusted to any height. The system can withstand great loods. The system consists of basic frame, diagonal braces, spindles and connection accessories. It is very quick and easy to assemble the system. All these features make the system superior.

The basic frame is the main component of the system. Basic frame can be produced in different heights according to your project.

Diagonal braces connect the basic frames, so the system becomes stable. The braces are produced at different lengths depending on thickness of concrete.

The upper construction and supporting structure are combined with connecting pins thus making a table. It can be used several times without disassembling throughout the project.The advantages of the table type heavy load scaffolding are : -High circulation speed -Long service life for components

One table type modüle can be carried by table trolleys ,and can be removed by using lifting device.

Technical Properties

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