Flexiwork circular wall formwork system is an economical and a practical formwork system for the projects which have variable diameter of circular walls.

This formwork consists of flexiwork waler, edge profile, turnbuckles, woodbeam, plywood and connection accessories.

Formwork modules can easily be plumb by using steel template which is compatible with the circular wall diameter in your project.

By using turnbuckles formwork can be adjusted into the intended diameter . According to the length of turnbuckle, panels are easily adapted to different diameters.

By placing timber between the edge profiles, panels can be put face to face. So the same anchor holes at the plywood are used throughout the project. No extra holes are drilled at the plywood. You can get smooth concrete surface. By means of edge profiles clamp system, formwork connections are not dependent on the holes of the edge profiles.

On demand It is possible to produce steel surfaced steel waling reinforced flexiwork formwork instead of plywood surfaced wood beam reinforced flexiwork formwork.


Technical Properties