Maxipan Formwork System

This system can be steel or plywood surfaced. Edges of maxipan formwork are framed by special slotted profile which is produced by the member of TAMER GROUP; METAL-S PIPE and PROFILE Company. You can benefit from the strength of steel and advantages of plywood by using maxi pan formwork system.

By using adjustable clamp , you can easily adapt maxipan formwork system to any kind of project.

Adjustable clamp provides a space between two panels for a fitting timber. So length adjustment is achieved easily with standard panels and fitting timbers.

This property gains you both practical and economical solutions for your construction area.

All components are ready to use upon arrival at the side.You can use panels widthwise and lengthwise by using panel clamps without any need of special fittings. So you can make countless connection combination with the same panels.

Assembly and disassembly of maxipan formwork system is easy and can be adapted to any kind of project. Panels can be connected together as large surface blocks, and become suitable to carry with cranes.


Technical Properties