The logic of mobile box-culvert formwork Is based on moving the formwork without disassembling. Thus this logic offers you saving of labour, time and cost.

You can complete the concrete casting of long culverts by using box-culvert formworks in a short time by using the logic of tunnel formwork.

Custom box-culvert formwork by using standard formwork elements, highly adjustable, highly flexible and still reusable for other forming purposes.

Circular formwork can be produced according to the diameters as in your projects. It is possible to get smooth concrete surface with large surfaced panels.

It is possible to make production for all kinds of concrete pressure. Thickness of surface panel and number of the reinforcement elements Is decided according to the maximum concrete pressure In your project.

Movable inner formwork carrier can be formed by standard scaffolding elements. Thus you can use the scaffolding elements In different projects as heavy load scaffolding.

By hinged panels formwork can be easily disassembled from the concrete .By the help of movable inner formwork carrier it can be carried to the next concrete casting place.

You can get many different sizes of box-culvert formwork by adding and removing the same panels.

Technical Properties