Tunnel Formwork is a system that the wall and the slab concrete casted together. This system is suitable for house projects, hotels, mall projects and other buildings that repeating the architectrual details.By its structural properties and using wire mesh, daily cycle is allowed for casting. Initial investment of the tunnel formwork is expensive than the classic conventional systems but by using the formworks 500 times; the unit formwork cost for concrete surface is less than all systems. When we compared the tunnel formwork system with classical systems, advantages oftunnel formwork is more than it's disadvantages.



Fast casting period: Daily cycle is allowed except the weather conditions like the strong wind and temparature below -10°C. (By using additives on concrete on cold air conditions) Total 30 person (15 worker for formworkand 15 worker for iron and electric installation) is enough for 300­350 m2 foot print slab area for daily cycle.

Low cost: By the speed of this system unit concrete casting for grey structure is so small. Also the standardisation of the precast units (facade, stairs, balcony, parapets) and reservations (door, chimney etc) reaps a profit for finishing works,

High concrete surface quality: The concrete only needs thin plaster.

Easy using: The system needs a few qualified worker. By using the systems every day, all the workers memorize what they will do.

Safety: According to the style of using system and requirements; provides a safety working area and condition to the site staff.

Modulation: For further projects, by adding some extra elements and adaptors, formwork can be used again and again.


Technical Properties