21th century is the awareness century of consumers!

From now, it is very important that all brads of products which are used in build process in residential and business real estate industry. The ultimate consumers are became aware and make their choice by evaluating the balance of price-quality. The real estate industry was affected by this situation.

Nowadays, the residence customers who are the ultimate consumers desire to ask the supplier names which the construction companies work in their projects. The brands used in construction have a high importance from plumbing to slab products, built in products and construction materials. While ladies firstly ask the built-in kitchen materials, men usually ask the quality of construction formwork and its’ brand. Because the previous experienced earthquakes, expected earthquakes in next 20 years, experienced 17th Augusts and 12th Novembers have created awareness of living under the roof of a strong build on ultimate consumers.

Hence, the first thing before getting into the office-residence-shopping mall craziness please do not forget to ask the brand names of used construction materials and make sure that  reliable brands which have quality standard certificates must be used!

Have a nice real estate merchandising!

Elif Tamer

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