Does Ankara fails in fair organisation?

In the nongovernmental organisations which I have participated and the people I have connected in business trips and in the trades which I have been for my business operations pour common finding is Ankara stays very local, fair organisations have difficulty in attracting attention of even domestic companies. The reasons are the absence of enough size of fair venue and the hardness of access to this “absent fairground” and lack of hotels to solve accommodation problem around this “absent fairground”. The last but not least lack of direct flights from Ankara to foreign countries forces the potential visitors and participants to go Istanbul and Europe. However, Ankara is a capital which leads Turkey in different industries. For example, Construction Formworks and Scaffolding industry, defense industry and furniture industry. Both the visitors and participants prefer to attend Istanbul and other European City’s because of these obligations.

Chamber of Industry of Ankara has just started a new fairground project. I hope ministry of transport, metropolitan municipality and the management of fairground center won’t build a “tiny fairground” as Ankara already has! I hope they will actualise a great fairground complex which has solution of transport, accommodation and can carry a wide range of participants and visitors

Looking forward to meet you in Ankara’s great fairground complex in the soonest time!

Elif Tamer

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