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By the help of the experience and reliability which it gained from Turkey and world, became the leader of its sector for up to 40 years with its global strategy based on continuous development principle.

Tamer Group is honoured with taking the value it deserves with its dynamic structure and high quality product and service provisions with its ethical values.

Tamer Group founded as Tamer Formwork in 1977 to direct the rapidly developed construction sector. Tamer Formwork Company provides solutions the projects where steel formworks, scaffolding systems, tunnel formworks and related accessories are applied to enable the most qualified production. Tamer Formwork Company is the one that directs the sector where it is in since almost half a century and it always develops itself as an innovative establishment.  

Tamer Group aimed to transfer its competency in the sheet, tube, profile and rolled coil products industry and established Sim Sheet Tube Profile Iron Company in 1987. Sim has been successfully serving its industry for more than 30 years.

Tamer Group defined a new target with the enthusiasm of a new millennium in 2000 and established Tamer Engineering Architecture and Consultancy Company  to serve in consultancy and engineering services. Tamer Engineering has been serving as the greatest scaffolding and formwork systems company of Turkey with its the largest stocks for hire.

Tamer Group, as its mission requires, always gives great importance to human health. Therefore, it became the partner of Büyük Ortadoğu Medical centre in 2006. The achievements in the field provided Tamer Group to participate in 19 Mayıs Hospital in 2009 and it also planned to run Private Büyük Ortadoğu Hospital in 2015.

Tamer Group has incorparated Sonbay Pipe and Profile Company that produces under “Metal S” brand to enter into the pipe and profile sector. Sonbay Pipe and Profile Company successfully produces square and rectangular profiles, industrial pipes, stainless steel pipes and profiles, hanging ceil drywall profiles, special construction profiles, profiles for furniture industry and facing work profiles.

Tamer Group started the year 2015 with a great excitement and speed, founded Tamer Istanbul Scaffolding and Formworks Company to serve in and around Istanbul by renting the systems.

Tamer Group employs hundreds of people as a result of the importance it gives to humanity and domestic economics, with its all companies and affiliates. Furthermore, it follows the highest quality and international standards in the industries in which it serves. Tamer Group that aims continuous development will realise new investments based on its principles.


Our Vision

Being the first preferred organisation in our industry which leads the world and offers the finest quality products and the most practical solutions.

Our Mission

Providing innovations of scaffolding and construction formworks industry to our country by finest quality, flexible and rapid project solutions.