Tamer Group is providing its services by maximum self-sacrifice since the first day it has been established. Tamer Formworks and Scaffolding Systems generated Tamer Group and provided know- how. It has reached market leader position in Turkey and became a well-known establishment in the world.

Tamer Group transferred its expertise into other sectors since 1977 and moves forward by increasing its competences day by day, while extending Tamer Group Family. We have reached our targets in last century and set new goals to improve ourselves in innovation period and we are working successfully to reach these goals. Our aims are; to be successful about carrying out our part’s duty for strengthen Turkish economy, to contribute our country’s goals with our exporting activities, provide employment opportunity and providing our products and services with best quality.

While trying to reach our targets our working priority is making no concessions about human health and environmental awareness.

While celebrating 43th years of our company, I would like to say that it is an honour that the main reason to reach these days is moving forward by continuously improvement philosophy. Due to our principles, we would like to expand Tamer Group and we will continue our loyalty to humanity with all our entrepreneurships.